Neverwinter: The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Session 7

Day 6 continued

The Dark Ziggurat

Entrance via unreal door

Like pushing through the inside of your mouth.

Room of the Glyph of the Slime Curse

Send in the golems!

Fight from the door. Devolved aboleth. Skum.

Griemolt enters. Targeted by slime curse.

Aboleth and skum defeated.

Kurgan and Baelval use Arcana and/or Dungeoneering to hold the slime curse at bay.

Explore room. Can travel through walls via act of will. Discover three more rooms. Golems clear those.

Shaft of Water

Discover the (greater) Water Rune of Haunghdannar.

Commune with the dwarven ancestor spirits in golems and learn about the dwarf vs aboleth war of 4,000 years ago and the slumbering city of Golismorga.

The dwarves won using the rune to absorb all the moisture from the aboleth city that’s why water travels up the shaft – as an experiment with a PC’s drinking water confirmed.

The rune is infected with the golden-coloured energies of Ghaunadaur (this is the gold of a golden staph infection, not the gold of the precious metal). Arcana and Dungeoneering reveals that the source of the infection are the aboleth glyphs inscribed on the walls of the four rooms but there would be an altar of Ghaunadaur acting as a focus. That altar needs to be destroyed.

Descend into shaft using climbing gear and enter a natural cavern – a central room for various troglodyte warrens.

Aelar scouts the cavern out in rat form and discovered slumbering troglodytes. The parties sneak past to a worked corrider that Aelar discovers.

The corridor leads to a temple of partly-ruined and partly-flooded temple of Ghaunadaur including a deformed altar beneath Ghaunadaur’s symbol.

The PCs attack and find they are facing a powerful aboleth, a gelatinous cube and several skum.

Kurgan discovers the invisible gelatinous cube when he sought to enter the temple chamber only to bounce off the ’cube (which missed with its free attack).

(Do you guys want to include your recollections of the combat?)

Ultimately, the aboleth was the first to fall – although several fate points were spent – and then Kurgan managed to destroy the altar.

The destruction of the altar created some sort of psychic feedback which slew the skum and damaged and dazed the ’cube… and then resulted in the temple collapsing!

As the party fled the temple a wave of water and a cloud of dust at their heels, the clever use of spook by Baelval to manifest a symbol similar to a cerulean sign (the bane of all aberrations) drove off the troglodytes and allowed the PCs to escape.

Kurgan, as an Heir of Delzoun and thus also a descendant of Haunghdannar was able to absorb the power of the Greater Water Rune of Haunghdannar and also grant the powers Lesser Water Runes of Haunghdannar to the others in the party.

Your title here…

Session 6

Day 5 continued

Meeting with Lady Moonsilver

Invitation from Swordcaptain Verdrim

A swine.

Day 6

Audience with Neverember

Soman Galt

four adjoining mansions overlooking Blacklake

results of skill checks

Meeting with Captain-General Sabine

dangers of the Chasm described
warning about Verdrim
equipped with climbing gear

Meeting Milaster of Torm at The Toll of Duty

ritual scrolls to allow nightmare-free sleep

Verdrim Again

agreed warning signal if Verdrim “pursues”

Plaguechanged Attack

first wave: plaguechanged ghouls
second wave: plaguechanged white dragon

Descent into the Chasm


Dwarven Site

mark of Haunghdannar
Darkness Given Hunger
Ancestor Dwarves

Dark Ziggurat

First Room

Session 5

Day 4

Quick Recap

You finished the last session having recovered the first Tear of Selûne – the first of three Tears of Selûne, to be precise – and returned to the ruined temple of Selûne on Pirates’ Skyhold where you presented it to a very excited and grateful Lady Moonsilver, the eladrin cleric of Selûne responsible for sending you on this quest.

Due to the limitations of the Moonbridge Amulet – it works only at night – you returned to your rooms at the Beached Leviathan that night to rest and now a new day begins with you making plans to enter the River District where the second Tear of Selûne fell.

You had a lot of success gathering information before you proceeded to confront the Kneecappers: will you do the same again before entering the River District?

Morning in the Beached Leviathan

Two “clerks” – Auldo Morim and Marhaen – ostensibly sent by Calais Archwinter of Archwinter Emporium – meet the party while they are having breakfast and offer, on their mistress’ behalf, to trade with them for the Blade of Eilistraee that Baelval carries. They offer a longsword in exchange which they explain as coming from the ancient kingdom of Iliyanbruen. It’s of an ancient elven/eladrin style and designed with a forest motif but does not bear the mark of any (notable) family or house. (It’s a graceful longsword +2.)

During the course of discussions, the party becomes suspicious and, in no particular order, Kurgan notices that their Common speech is flavoured with Deep Speech-inspired grammar, syntax and accents and then realises that they are probably doppelgangers that “belong” to an illithid and form part of a group known as a druuth – a druuth is a mind flayer plus several doppelgangers and other thralls. Aelar also notices that the “clerks” are shapechangers and, in due course, combat is joined.

After combat begins, three dwarves reveal themselves as allies of the doppelgangers and each wields a derro-crafted repeating crossbow.

The druuth is defeated: the doppelgangers are slain while the dwarves are simply knocked unconscious in the hope that Lady Moonsilver will be able to perform a ritual to break their bondage to their illithid master.

Of course, the PCs are now able to recover the eladrin longsword that the druuth had brought in trade along with five small diamonds valued at 500 gp each which the druuth had brought in an attempt to sweeten the deal.

The owner of the Beached Leviathan, Content Not Found: harrag_ was horrified at the presence of the doppelgangers but even more horrified when the PCs admitted that they had a sword in their possession that had attracted the attention of one or more illithids. With his terror of mind flayers showing clearly in his eyes, _Content Not Found: harrag demanded they leave the Beached Leviathan immediately, never to return.

He was, however, persuaded to dump the bodies of the doppelgangers – fortunately not a crime in Neverwinter – after first demanding payment to do even that.

The PCs then moved to the House of a Thousand Faces where they were warmly welcomed by the Harper, Theryis, and the Sons of Alagondar. Theryis also arranged for the dwarves the PCs captured to be securely imprisoned until the PCs were able to return to Lady Moonsilver in the evening (as that is the only time the Moonbridge Amulet works).

Gathering Information from Theryis et al

This is a slightly expanded version of what Theryis told the party about the River District:

The River District takes its name from the terrain feature that has saved it from being overrun – namely, the Neverwinter River, which holds at bay the plaguechanged forces that emerge from the Chasm to the south.

The bulk of Neverwinter’s merchant class once dwelt here, and the architecture shows it. The houses were sturdily built, and although they are not ostentatious, most are large enough to have held a family of six or eight plus servants. Guardhouses and security walls abound, offering cover for skirmishers looking to ambush unsuspecting visitors. Long flower gardens run through the centre of each street, although over the years they have gone to weeds or decay.

One might think the Moonshae mercenaries could have pacified the River District by now, but safety proves elusive, mostly due to a band of orcs in the ancient Cloak Tower at the eastern edge of the area.

New Neverwinter’s forces occasionally venture into the district, but generally only as far as the Fallen Tower tavern. That establishment serves as neutral ground for negotiations between Lord Neverember and Vansi of the orcs, to whom the rest of the district belongs.

Beasts from the surrounding wilderness occasionally stalk the streets here, hunting for food with wolves and leucrotta being the most common. Even if the orcs were not present, the other dangerous creatures would be reason enough for refugees to avoid this district, regardless of whether their houses remain standing.

For now, a hastily erected barrier seals most of the River District from Blacklake. It usually stands unattended, since the Moonshae guards have better things to do than patrol the barrier, opting instead to post signs warning people away. A number of bored orcs, however, have a created a few improvised gates in the barrier through which they permit folk to enter upon payment of a 10 gp toll.

Due to the orcs’ aversion to daylight, few orcs – other than the self-appointed toll-collectors – will be found out and about during the day other than at the Fallen Tower. The Fallen Tower is a ruined tower which is now a tavern where orcs and other humanoids gather. It’s also neutral ground and there is a truce between Vansi – the leader of the orcs – and Lord Neverember that guarantees safe passage to and from the Fallen Tower and also within the Fallen Tower. Vansi is known to kill those orcs et al who break this truce.

In truth, the orcs of the River District are bored. There are skirmishes between the orcs and goblins who sometimes enter the ruined district via the sewers. These are times of great excitement in the River District as the goblins aren’t protected by the truce with Neverember and they serve as an ideal outlet for the orcs’ violent impulses.

There are two other major landmarks within the River District besides the Fallen Tower.

The first is the Shard of Night. This can be seen from most parts of the city: it’s the topmost part of some tower – apparently not one of the ruined towers of Neverwinter – that floats in the sky some 100 feet above Neverwinter’s streets. It hovers above a deserted market square and directly above the Dark Lady Fountain which, as its name suggests, is a public fountain featured a lady carved from dark stone as its centrepiece.

What is also known about the Shard of Night and the area beneath it is that it is shrouded in perpetual shadow.

The second site is the Cloak Tower. The tower takes its name from a guild of mages called the Many-Starred Cloaks who lived and gathered there. They were well known in the city for their arcane skill and for the whimsical, colourful cloaks they wore. During the Spellplague, the tower and its occupants vanished in a whirlwind of blue fire. The tower reappeared half a year later on a different location.

When the orcs entered Neverwinter they took over the Cloak Tower and its grounds as their own demesne. In fact, the grounds look like any orc settlement: a mixture of tents and primitive dwellings surrounding a collection of battle standards including the sigil of Many Arrows – basically arrowheads pointing inwards toward the single eye of Gruumsh, the orc deity.

Return to Lady Moonsilver

Deliver the dwarf prisoners. Lady Moonsilver says that the Shard of Night is obviously touched by Shar and she cannot scry it with her magic, nor the area beneath.

Carousing & Resting in the House of a Thousand Faces

Feasting, drinking, singing with the Sons of Alagondar then a peaceful night’s sleep.

Day 5


Four orcs with greataxes and four orcs with greatbows.

Fallen Tower

Amazing three hour performance by Aelar with lyrics provided by Kurgan about an orc defeat of Tornskull bugbears in the Nether Mountains. Audience doubled in size and then a chunk acted as a singing escort to the Cloak Tower. Discovered second Tear of Selûne is in the Shard of Night.

Cloak Tower

Meet Vansi and see Maerogh. Aid with Shard of Night in exchange for a performance that night when the orcs are awake.

Shard of Night

Simple. Two special grappling arrows fired into the Shard of Night with orc archers wielding greatbows. Two ogres acted as anchors. Climbing very easy because they did at at an angle. This also avoided the area of shadow beneath the Shard of Night. Tear recovered with no encounter. Netherese portal erased.

Cloak Tower Celebration

The orcs were no longer bored thanks to Aelar‘s performance. Vansi admitted to Griemolt Maur that she is in Neverwinter to search the ruins to recover a throne that is an orc relic. She asks for the party’s assistance but accepts Griemolt’s explanation that he cannot because he is on an honour quest to recover his tribal relic, the Bones of the Thunderbeast.


The PCs earned 1,000 XP each for outstanding RPing tonight (plus 200 XP for their victory over the druuth) and so advanced to level 5.

And the RPing was outstanding: they made all the right choices and back those choices with outstanding skill checks and thus avoided at least four rather difficult combats which was why the XP award was so high.

Next session? The third Tear of Selûne awaits….

Session 3

Day 3

Blacklake. Demonstration by rebels (Sons of Alagondar) against Lord Neverember. Both sides scatter with the appearance of the Beast of Blacklake. Defeat the Beast. Recover the body of an Uthgardt barbarian.

Return to Vellgard Manor. Meet with Dorim Cragwatcher of the Red Wizards of Vellgard Manor. The dwarf casts a speak with dead ritual with the assistance of everyone in the party. Ask 8 questions of the barbarian – Rorn the Bear of the Red Tiger tribe of the Uthgardts. Accept his spirit quest. Dorim seems particularly interested in the blast sceptre – an ancient Netherese magic item – that the party recovered from the barbarian’s body.

Bury Rorn with some ceremony on the cliffs of the Sword Coast just outside the city with a promise to return his body to Morgur’s Mound.

Meet with Captain-General Sabine. She seems neutral on Neverember vs Rebels. Offers a mission to clear The Chasm of whatever is producing the plaguechanged creatures. Acknowledges difficulty but offers “significant rewards” – money, titles, trade rights or monopolies, property, magic items – from Lord Neverember if they can do it. Repeats offer of a meeting with the Lord Protector. Suggest that if the party wants a property of their own in Blacklake District to raise this in their meeting with Neverember.

Return to Blacklake. Meet with the half-elf, Theryis. Taken to secret meeting room. Entered into alliance with both the Sons of the Alagondar and the Harpers. Advice from Theryis: only the true heir of Neverwinter can wear the Crown of Neverwinter and it is reportedly to be found in the nearly-ruined Castle Never. Theryis also offered to procure a ritual book from the church of Siamorphe – Waterdeep would be the closest – that will confirm Griemolt’s bloodline.

Visit Dead Rats to find the Tear of Selune. Aelar uses his Dead Rat knowledge and his bardic gifts to organise a meeting with Rsolk, the leader of the Dead Rats in Neverwinter. Rsolk identifies Aelar as a wererat to the rest of the party.

Bargained with Rsolk. For wiping out the Blacktooth Wererats he will provide the location of the first Tear of Selune that the PCs are seeking plus a commitment that the party’s property when obtained will be immune to thievery by the Dead Rats or any thieves intruding on Dead Rat territory for five years.

Travel to Blacktooth territory near the River District. Fought Blacktooth guards on the surface before entering the sewers where many more are encountered and defeated. Ultimately defeated the leader, Ratfang, and his followers.

Session 2

Day 1 continued


The Unlich and the undead wyvern – demand the Ring of Myrkul, base is earthmote with ruined building

Meeting with Len-Jes – return horses, reward, offer of meeting with Neverember

Accosted by Neverember’s mercenaries demanding the reward; they accept 10% thanks to Aelar’s silver tongue – which was enhanced by his bardic magic


Meeting with Lady Moonsilver – Ring of Myrkul interferes with Moonbridge Amulet

Fisher’s Float – major celebrations with the fisherfolk

Day 2


Woken by sound of bells signalling an attack on The Wall

Travel to The Wall; rescue four of Neverember’s mercenary guards from plaguechanged ghouls; much cheering and general acclaim from Neverember’s soldiery; meeting with Content Not Found: captain-general-sabine – offer of further employment tomorrow

Blacklake District; Vellgard Manor; Content Not Found: dorim-cragwatcher; commissioned a suit of mithral +2 dwarven armour – scale armour

Archwinter Emporium; Calais Archwinter


Meeting with Lady Moonsilver again; Tears of Selûne

Attached by Dark Moon Monk and shadow simulacra of the PCs – followers of Shar are making themselves known

Return to Lady Moonsilver for healing and the raising of Meepo from the dead

Session 1

Day -4

Warehouse district – otyugh and rats

Day 0 – The Campaign Begins

Beached Leviathan – fisherfolk and Len-Jes, strange looking dwarves
Pirates’ Skyhold – harpies, moonbridge, Lady Moonsilver, skyship, temple of Selune, destinies, liquid moonlight, moonbridge amulet
Beached Leviathan – Len-Jes meeting
Crossing damaged bridge – mercenaries on guard/gambling
Fisher’s float – small village, earthmore, Horan, Madbeard, clues about Blackdagger, clues about Madbeards/Haunghdannar

Day 1

Horses and cart provided by Len-Jes thanks to bard’s charm
Kobold ambush – 4 kobold prisoners become 3 hireling + Meepo the brave kobold trapsmith
Blackdagger Ruins – symbol of Haunghdannar, first portal to prince’s area, Kurgan enthroned, defeated mad dwarves, caused elementals to disappear, recovered items (mithral bars [4 × 200gp], mithral shirts 2, +2 dwarven thrower warhammer [mithral, marked with symbol of Haunghdannar] – dwarven hammer granted by dwarven ghost), second portal to dwarven mines, ruined tower, undead – zombies and skeletons, treasure, Blackdagger – vampire skeleton in a coffin made of rocks and filled with swamp mud, the ring of Myrkul

Session ended with return journey to Neverwinter to come.


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