Neverwinter: The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Session 1

Day -4

Warehouse district – otyugh and rats

Day 0 – The Campaign Begins

Beached Leviathan – fisherfolk and Len-Jes, strange looking dwarves
Pirates’ Skyhold – harpies, moonbridge, Lady Moonsilver, skyship, temple of Selune, destinies, liquid moonlight, moonbridge amulet
Beached Leviathan – Len-Jes meeting
Crossing damaged bridge – mercenaries on guard/gambling
Fisher’s float – small village, earthmore, Horan, Madbeard, clues about Blackdagger, clues about Madbeards/Haunghdannar

Day 1

Horses and cart provided by Len-Jes thanks to bard’s charm
Kobold ambush – 4 kobold prisoners become 3 hireling + Meepo the brave kobold trapsmith
Blackdagger Ruins – symbol of Haunghdannar, first portal to prince’s area, Kurgan enthroned, defeated mad dwarves, caused elementals to disappear, recovered items (mithral bars [4 × 200gp], mithral shirts 2, +2 dwarven thrower warhammer [mithral, marked with symbol of Haunghdannar] – dwarven hammer granted by dwarven ghost), second portal to dwarven mines, ruined tower, undead – zombies and skeletons, treasure, Blackdagger – vampire skeleton in a coffin made of rocks and filled with swamp mud, the ring of Myrkul

Session ended with return journey to Neverwinter to come.



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