Neverwinter: The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Session 2

Day 1 continued


The Unlich and the undead wyvern – demand the Ring of Myrkul, base is earthmote with ruined building

Meeting with Len-Jes – return horses, reward, offer of meeting with Neverember

Accosted by Neverember’s mercenaries demanding the reward; they accept 10% thanks to Aelar’s silver tongue – which was enhanced by his bardic magic


Meeting with Lady Moonsilver – Ring of Myrkul interferes with Moonbridge Amulet

Fisher’s Float – major celebrations with the fisherfolk

Day 2


Woken by sound of bells signalling an attack on The Wall

Travel to The Wall; rescue four of Neverember’s mercenary guards from plaguechanged ghouls; much cheering and general acclaim from Neverember’s soldiery; meeting with Content Not Found: captain-general-sabine – offer of further employment tomorrow

Blacklake District; Vellgard Manor; Content Not Found: dorim-cragwatcher; commissioned a suit of mithral +2 dwarven armour – scale armour

Archwinter Emporium; Calais Archwinter


Meeting with Lady Moonsilver again; Tears of Sel√Ľne

Attached by Dark Moon Monk and shadow simulacra of the PCs – followers of Shar are making themselves known

Return to Lady Moonsilver for healing and the raising of Meepo from the dead



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