Neverwinter: The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Session 3

Day 3

Blacklake. Demonstration by rebels (Sons of Alagondar) against Lord Neverember. Both sides scatter with the appearance of the Beast of Blacklake. Defeat the Beast. Recover the body of an Uthgardt barbarian.

Return to Vellgard Manor. Meet with Dorim Cragwatcher of the Red Wizards of Vellgard Manor. The dwarf casts a speak with dead ritual with the assistance of everyone in the party. Ask 8 questions of the barbarian – Rorn the Bear of the Red Tiger tribe of the Uthgardts. Accept his spirit quest. Dorim seems particularly interested in the blast sceptre – an ancient Netherese magic item – that the party recovered from the barbarian’s body.

Bury Rorn with some ceremony on the cliffs of the Sword Coast just outside the city with a promise to return his body to Morgur’s Mound.

Meet with Captain-General Sabine. She seems neutral on Neverember vs Rebels. Offers a mission to clear The Chasm of whatever is producing the plaguechanged creatures. Acknowledges difficulty but offers “significant rewards” – money, titles, trade rights or monopolies, property, magic items – from Lord Neverember if they can do it. Repeats offer of a meeting with the Lord Protector. Suggest that if the party wants a property of their own in Blacklake District to raise this in their meeting with Neverember.

Return to Blacklake. Meet with the half-elf, Theryis. Taken to secret meeting room. Entered into alliance with both the Sons of the Alagondar and the Harpers. Advice from Theryis: only the true heir of Neverwinter can wear the Crown of Neverwinter and it is reportedly to be found in the nearly-ruined Castle Never. Theryis also offered to procure a ritual book from the church of Siamorphe – Waterdeep would be the closest – that will confirm Griemolt’s bloodline.

Visit Dead Rats to find the Tear of Selune. Aelar uses his Dead Rat knowledge and his bardic gifts to organise a meeting with Rsolk, the leader of the Dead Rats in Neverwinter. Rsolk identifies Aelar as a wererat to the rest of the party.

Bargained with Rsolk. For wiping out the Blacktooth Wererats he will provide the location of the first Tear of Selune that the PCs are seeking plus a commitment that the party’s property when obtained will be immune to thievery by the Dead Rats or any thieves intruding on Dead Rat territory for five years.

Travel to Blacktooth territory near the River District. Fought Blacktooth guards on the surface before entering the sewers where many more are encountered and defeated. Ultimately defeated the leader, Ratfang, and his followers.



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