Neverwinter: The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Session 6

Day 5 continued

Meeting with Lady Moonsilver

Invitation from Swordcaptain Verdrim

A swine.

Day 6

Audience with Neverember

Soman Galt

four adjoining mansions overlooking Blacklake

results of skill checks

Meeting with Captain-General Sabine

dangers of the Chasm described
warning about Verdrim
equipped with climbing gear

Meeting Milaster of Torm at The Toll of Duty

ritual scrolls to allow nightmare-free sleep

Verdrim Again

agreed warning signal if Verdrim “pursues”

Plaguechanged Attack

first wave: plaguechanged ghouls
second wave: plaguechanged white dragon

Descent into the Chasm


Dwarven Site

mark of Haunghdannar
Darkness Given Hunger
Ancestor Dwarves

Dark Ziggurat

First Room



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