Neverwinter: The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Session 7

Day 6 continued

The Dark Ziggurat

Entrance via unreal door

Like pushing through the inside of your mouth.

Room of the Glyph of the Slime Curse

Send in the golems!

Fight from the door. Devolved aboleth. Skum.

Griemolt enters. Targeted by slime curse.

Aboleth and skum defeated.

Kurgan and Baelval use Arcana and/or Dungeoneering to hold the slime curse at bay.

Explore room. Can travel through walls via act of will. Discover three more rooms. Golems clear those.

Shaft of Water

Discover the (greater) Water Rune of Haunghdannar.

Commune with the dwarven ancestor spirits in golems and learn about the dwarf vs aboleth war of 4,000 years ago and the slumbering city of Golismorga.

The dwarves won using the rune to absorb all the moisture from the aboleth city that’s why water travels up the shaft – as an experiment with a PC’s drinking water confirmed.

The rune is infected with the golden-coloured energies of Ghaunadaur (this is the gold of a golden staph infection, not the gold of the precious metal). Arcana and Dungeoneering reveals that the source of the infection are the aboleth glyphs inscribed on the walls of the four rooms but there would be an altar of Ghaunadaur acting as a focus. That altar needs to be destroyed.

Descend into shaft using climbing gear and enter a natural cavern – a central room for various troglodyte warrens.

Aelar scouts the cavern out in rat form and discovered slumbering troglodytes. The parties sneak past to a worked corrider that Aelar discovers.

The corridor leads to a temple of partly-ruined and partly-flooded temple of Ghaunadaur including a deformed altar beneath Ghaunadaur’s symbol.

The PCs attack and find they are facing a powerful aboleth, a gelatinous cube and several skum.

Kurgan discovers the invisible gelatinous cube when he sought to enter the temple chamber only to bounce off the ’cube (which missed with its free attack).

(Do you guys want to include your recollections of the combat?)

Ultimately, the aboleth was the first to fall – although several fate points were spent – and then Kurgan managed to destroy the altar.

The destruction of the altar created some sort of psychic feedback which slew the skum and damaged and dazed the ’cube… and then resulted in the temple collapsing!

As the party fled the temple a wave of water and a cloud of dust at their heels, the clever use of spook by Baelval to manifest a symbol similar to a cerulean sign (the bane of all aberrations) drove off the troglodytes and allowed the PCs to escape.

Kurgan, as an Heir of Delzoun and thus also a descendant of Haunghdannar was able to absorb the power of the Greater Water Rune of Haunghdannar and also grant the powers Lesser Water Runes of Haunghdannar to the others in the party.

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