Askarro the Unlich


The PCs encountered and destroyed this evil undead creation, and the undead wyvern that it rode, as they returned to Neverwinter from the Blackdagger Ruins.

Baelval‘s arcane knowledge was such that he recognised this creature as an unlich or lich construct: it’s an undead spellcaster without the sheer power of a lich but it does have one characteristic that is similar to a lich, it can return after seeming to be destroyed.

A lich can do this because its life force is bound within its phylactery. An unlich can do this because its life force is bound within its creator. While a lich can be permanently destroyed by destroying its phylactery, a lich construct can only be permanently destroyed by slaying its creator or if its creator simply wills it.

As it is likely that Askarro was created by Szass Tam, the ruler of Thay and one of Faerûn’s greatest wizards, the PCs will be hoping that Askarro has displeased the Regent of Thay else they may soon be seeing Askarro again….

Askarro the Unlich

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