Halfling-led criminal gang that rules the Docks


From left to right we have Haelag (male human), Delsharra Kneecapper (female halfling), Jaskur (male halfling – reportedly the leader), Khontor the Drunk (male half-orc – reportedly an alcoholic but who has somehow incorporated drunkeness into his fighting style), Olmar Haskin (male halfling) and Maelandra (female human).

Common Knowledge
The Kneecappers are known to brutally rule the Docks focussing on smuggling, protection rackets and outright theft. Their surname may predate their arrival in Neverwinter – or it may not – but they are known to mark their victims with severely damaged knees that many never recover from. If you see a lame or limping person in the Docks are, you will hear whispers, “That’s Kneecapper work.”

- Their lair is supposedly beneath an old disused wharf with at least two entrances/exits and reportedly guarded by trained sharkseals.
- The halflings, at least, are reportedly from Luskan where they may have had connections with the Dead Rats.


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