A female orc cleric - a cave mother of Luthic, to be precise - with the blood of tanar'ri in her veins.


The foulest of the orc deities is normally considered to be Yurtrus, the Pale Hand, responsible for plagues and diseases. Notwithstanding that, this cave mother of Luthic is truly loathsome and vile, always filthy, encrusted in dirt and with strange nodules and wriggling finger-like growths extending from her skin.

No follower of the Pale Hand, Maerogh is a cave mother of Luthic – the only female orc deity – and, as such, is responsible for a tribe’s general fecundity. Maerogh brings to her role, however, a foul evil that can make even the worst orc blanch and enjoys cross-breeding orcs to produce very specific results… specific results that have been arrived at after much experimentation.

She considers Vansi her greatest success, the daughter of the previous monarch of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows and a spellscarred acolyte of Luthic produced in one of Maerogh’s earlier experiments.

Maerogh has accompanied Vansi to Neverwinter and is playing a role played by the legendary Wund generations before: preparing a suitable orc to create a new orc kingdom centred on the Sword Mountains… or maybe in Neverwinter itself.


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