Rebel faction within the Sons of Alagondar


From left to right, the four brothers are" Andorn “Dorn” Nasher (the eldest), Darraudan “Dar” Nasher (the nastiest), Gommar “Gom” Nasher (the strongest) and Boelel “Boe” Nasher" (the bloodiest).

Common Knowledge
- The Nashers are open about three things: they hate Neverember – “the Lord Pretender”, they are definitely descended from Nasher Alagondar (but react violently to any question about why they share his first name and not his surname) and believe that they should rule Neverwinter.
- The Nashers are also known as the Butcher Boys. This is for two reasons: they are butchers in that they operate the only abattoir in Blacklake and if they are involved in a fight, butchery is normally the result.
- The brothers are part of the Sons of Alagondar rebel group but they are not particularly liked or trusted. Many of Neverember’s mercenaries are rumoured to have been murdered by the brothers and their remains “processed” in the family abattoir.
- Neverember’s mercenaries are openly scared of the brothers.

- Nil.


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