Neverember's Mercenaries


Waterdeep has its Watch – responsible for internal law and order – and its Guard – a standing army designed to meet internal threats.

Neverwinter has a large group of mercenaries hired at great expense by Lord Neverember from the Moonshaes where they formerly served the nation of Amn and its occupation of the island of Snowdown.

The mercenaries have no official name. Neverember sometimes refers to them as the Watch and sometimes as the guard. Their commander, Captain-General Tesmer Sabine, simply calls them her soldiers.

Many folk inhabiting Neverwinter refer to them as the Skulls & Swords or the Swordskulls. This is because their officers have a large skull as a symbol of rank on their left shoulders and most of these sellswords prefer to fight with swords.

Due to their existence as a group of mercenaries, their rank structure is extraordinarily simple. The common mercenaries are simply called “soldier” or, more informally, “jack”, while their officers are officially known as “swordcaptain” or, rather insultingly, “skullcaptain”.

All of the swordcaptains report directly to Captain-General Tesmer Sabine other than those who command the bodyguards provided to Dagult Neverember and Soman Galt. These swordcaptains report directly to the Lord Protector or the mayor; they also obey orders from Waukeenar warpriests who sometimes assist them in guarding the two primary leaders of the city.

The mercenaries are all experts in street-fighting and fighting as a team.

Not all Swordskulls are the same. A large – and increasing – minority is committed to the city of Neverwinter and loyal to its people. However, most are simply mercenaries and are simply here while Neverember’s gold continues to flow.

Neverember's Mercenaries

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