Illithid master of the Sept of Ill'Ghact druuth in Neverwinter


Controller 8
Custom stat block


Before undergoing ceremorphosis, Quashoon was a successful drow merchant. While it has no conscious memories of its former life, the illithid subconsciously remembers the thrill of profiting from successful trades.

While it is in Neverwinter as a representative of the Sept of Ill’Ghact and master of a doppelganger druuth, the fact is that the illithid is taking great pleasure in making Archwinter Emporium a financial success.

Of course, its primary purpose in Neverwinter is to gather thralls to enable the Sept of Ill’Ghact to rebuild. It does this very carefully except when a psionically-potent individual is found when great risks will be taken – with no consideration for the wastage of the lives of its thralls because the Sept believes that a psionically-potent host has the most chance of producing an ulitharid after undergoing the ceremorphosis process.

(In Neverwinter, the only known psionically-active individual is Maelandra of the Kneecappers.)


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