Red Wizards of Vellgard Manor


From left to right: Dorim Cragwatcher, Tharna Shavres and Vanargen.

Common Knowledge
Dorim is known to favour the enchantment of magic arms and armour and is believed to be an expert weaponsmith and armoursmith. He is a dwarven wizard with a great interest in the ancient history of Haunghdannar. He is a regal-looking dwarf amd wears a grand robe of scarlet under a striking blue cloak. His beard is clasped in arcane strictures, and a great winged bat perches on his should as if a pet bird of prey.

Tharna Shavres is an elderly woman, gaunt with age, but her white hair remains full and is pulled back into a long braid. She is adorned with a variety of charms and amulets, wields an impressive staff and wears a complex layering of red cloaks that appear to move and swirl of their own accord.

Vanargen is a gaunt-looking human who wears a red leather greatcoat without sleeves. The man’s arms are tattooed with stars and strange constellations.



Red Wizards of Vellgard Manor

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