Tesmer Sabine

Captain-General of Neverwinter's mercenary guards and military adviser to Lord Neverember.


Common Knowledge
The Captain-General is a no-nonsense soldier. Her orders are curt and crisp. Conversation is not her interest but she is very concerned about the welfare of those under her charge.

Tesmer spends most of her time in fighting leathers and is always armed with several daggers but, when she stands at the Wall, she wears deep black scale armour made from the hide of a black dragon but eschews a helm so that her orders may carry more clearly.

Her weapon of choice is a red bastard sword – most likely nephelium coloured red in the forging process – with a pommel shaped like the knight from a game of lanceboard. It is widely suspected that this is also a symbol of the demipower known as the Red Knight, a power in the service of Tempus whose portfolio includes military strategy and tactics.

Tesmer arrived with Neverember’s mercenaries from the Moonshaes.



Tesmer Sabine

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