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  • Traevan Blackdagger

    _Traevan Blackdagger - plunderer, pirate and dreaded raider - preyed upon the Sword Coast for many dark years. But the fires of Mount Hotenow's eruption consumed Blackdagger and brought death and ruin. So it was said, so it was believed, so it was true._ …

  • Ratfang

    Split the [[Dead Rats]]. Ally of the [[Red Wizards of Thay]]. Thoroughly evil and depraved.

  • Beast of Blacklake

    The Beast of Blacklake has menaced the Blacklake District for months. Hiding in the befouled waters of the Blacklake, it would regularly strike against passersby. That is, of course, until it was defeated by the PCs.

  • Rorn the Bear

    Died while on a spirit quest searching for the bones of the thunderbeast of [[Morgur's Mound]]. Fought the [[Netherese]] and their Grey Wolf werewolf allies near Xinlenal as well as [[Red Wizards of Thay]] near the Dread Ring in the [[Neverwinter Wood …

  • Kneecappers

    From left to right we have Haelag (male human), Delsharra Kneecapper (female halfling), Jaskur (male halfling - reportedly the leader), Khontor the Drunk (male half-orc - reportedly an alcoholic but who has somehow incorporated drunkeness into his …

  • Nashers

    From left to right, the four brothers are" Andorn "Dorn" Nasher (the eldest), Darraudan "Dar" Nasher (the nastiest), Gommar "Gom" Nasher (the strongest) and Boelel "Boe" Nasher" (the bloodiest). *Common Knowledge* - The Nashers are open about three …

  • Miina

    The (now dead) leader of the Kneecappers is a female halfling. Originally a wererat from the Dead Rats of Luskan - and the one who infected [[:aelar]] - she is now a vampire and the leader of the band of thugs who rule the Docks.

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