Berun's Hill

Common Knowledge
(This does not appear on the regional map. It is in the hilly area – known as the Starmetal Hills – at the mouth of Berun’s River and roughly 20 miles NEE of Xinlenal.)

Berun’s Hill is a bare-topped, conical hill that commanded a splendid view of the valley of the Dessarin River to the east.

Is was used as a lookout for advancing barbarians and orc hordes from north and east. The hill got its name from the ranger Berun. He was slain by an orc horde but managed to take 300 tuskers with him, before they overwhelmed him. Bandits sometimes watched for likely victims from this hill.

Legends tell us that under the hill is the grave of an ancient dwarf with rich golden armour and treasures, but none have ever found it. This ancient dwarf was a prince of Gauntlgrym who fell in battle with ogres dwelling in these hills.

This ancient dwarf is an ancestor of Kurgan’s.

Berun's Hill

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