Blacklake District

The wealthy nobles of Neverwinter once dwelled in the Blacklake District. Now, their estates and mansions stand mostly empty, scorched by fire but largely intact. Despite the fact that it has been nearly three decades since Mount Hotenow erupted, the smell of ash, brimstone and sulphur is still on the breeze, possibly due to the accumulation of so much volcanic debris in Blacklake.

Although the area seems ideal for rebuilding, resentment against the Lord Protector remains strong among the district’s inhabitants. The construction scaffolds that line the streets in the Protector’s Enclave are nowhere to be found, replaced with anti-Neverember graffiti and darker markings – Aelar recognises the “tooth and tail” symbol of the Dead Rats – on the otherwise quiet streets.

Common Knowledge
- Blacklake District is largely still standing because of the quality of the homes its former noble inhabitants built but it is largely uninhabited.
- Muggers, cutpurses, duelists, rakes and rats (including wererats) are common here.
- Neverember has started to increase the presence of his mercenaries in this district as it is the next area he has targeted for resettlement.

- There is supposedly a resistance movement hiding in the remains of the Blacklake District calling itself the Sons of Alagondar.

- The Dead Rats have a powerful influence on this district.
- The Harpers are present here through their agent, Theryis, who has a leading role in the Sons of Alagondar.
- This is the centre of the rebellion/resistance campaign of the Sons of Alagondar.

Blacklake District

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