Once a pastoral village on Neverwinter Wood’s western edge, Conyberry was devastated when the Spellplague thrust small portions of Abeir into it, radically altering its nature. Always something of a sleepy settlement off the beaten path, Conyberry has simply slipped off the map for most people of the North. With no one hearing word of it for years, and with no one needing to brave the dangers to go there, most who know that Conyberry existed assume it has been destroyed.

The portion of Abeir that was transferred to Toril included Ustraternes, one of many airborne dragonborn citadels used by Abeiran dragonborn in their wars against the primordials of that world.

The Spellplague unraveled the magic that levitated the flying fortress high above the clouds and brought it crashing down. Ustraternes crashed and cracked open like an egg, scattering the sundered pieces in all directions. Abeiran war drakes nest in the wreckage and can be tamed if the Abeiran ritual scrolls can be found in the debris. They are posing a threat to travellers as far away as the High Road and the PCs may be hired to remove the threat they pose to trade (this is the adventure, Remains of the Empire, from Dungeon 165).

The fact that this is an Abeiran site means that the merchants from the Tarmalune Trade House in Neverwinter may pay high prices for Abeiran relics and particularly for captured Abeiran war drakes. They may even pay to be guided to the location.

Besides the Abeiran war drakes, other natives of Abeir can be found here – specifically scathebeasts and zairtails.


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