(The legendary lost dwarven city does not appear on the regional map. For the moment, assume it is either beneath Mount Hotenow as per the turgid dreck written by R A Salvatore or beneath The Crags somewhere near Morgur’s Mound as per FR canon.)

This is a link to the Forgotten Realms wikia. The English is so bad I simply can’t copy it even with a view to editing it later.

As I really don’t like what duergar have become in 4E – or R A Salvatore’s ashmadai – I think I will replace the duergar with azer and have them as slaves of either Gommoth, the fire giant king, or the Brass Prince, an efreet warlord. I prefer an elemental theme to a diabolic theme. And, really, being able to use giants just feel so much more like D&D to me. (My 4E fire giants are 11th-level – just as in 1E they had 11 hit dice – so I could run the conversion of Halls of the Fire Giant King for characters at the end of the Heroic Tier or the beginning of Paragon Tier.)

This famous subterranean dwarven city has been the stuff of legends for centuries. Aside from the dwarves, most people of the North doubted Gauntlgrym’s existence – until the Summons, as it has become known. At that time, ghostly dwarves in ancient dress appeared before certain dwarves thoughout the North and beyond, silently pleading for heroes to seek out Gauntlgrym. Some did set out in search of the lost city, though most counted themselves lucky when the ghosts troubled them no more.

I rather like the idea of taking back Gauntlgrym from an army of azers led by a fire titan. Perhaps it is more cliched but I think my players will also prefer the idea of dwarves vs giants rather than devils.


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