Iniarv's Tower

(This ruined tower does not appear on the regional map. It is adjacent to the High Road, on the eastern side, and is some 25 miles southeast of the ruins of Leilon. Travellers between Leilon and Waterdeep can see it easily from the road.)

Bandits often inhabit the ruins of Iniarv’’s Tower east of the Mere. The Tower is a fortress haunted by the phantoms of fallen warriors. The hills around are roamed by orcs, bugbears, kobolds, leucrotta, and other dangerous creatures. Self-styled bandit lords such as Amalkyn the Black and the wizard Helduth Flamespell have recently established holds in the hills. Finally, dopplegangers dwell in some of the ruined villages and hamlets, taking the shapes of humans to lure weary caravans and travelling bands to their doom.

Amalkyn and Helduth are in league with the Zhents of Helm’s Hold. This is not necessarily an arrangement they would have wished for but the threat of being

The dungeons beneath the tower still remain, as does Iniarv himself, albeit in demilich form. (The dungeons can be replicated by using the Tomb of Horrors conversion for 4E – the 9th-level version rather than the hardcover adventure.)

Iniarv's Tower

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