Kryptgarden Forest

(This refers to the unnamed forest on the map on the southern edge of the Sword Mountains.)

The Kryptgarden Forest was the primary hunting ground and lair of the ancient green dragon, Claugiyliamatar or “Old Gnawbone”, in the years before the Spellplague. However, she has not been seen since the Year of Blue Fire but her angry brood – or at least that is what they claim to be – has divided the forest into a network of draconic fiefdoms that ensures that few that enter the forest ever leave.

Named after Southkrypt, this small forest is believed to be the second-most-powerful source of the evil that pervades the dwarven ruin, the first being the Sword Mountains lying just north. The eastern outskirts of the forest are often used by the inhabitants of Westbridge for hunting purposes, even they don’t delve farther than a few hours’ walk into it.

Unsubstantiated rumours of another dwarven citadel in the hills near the center of the forest have circulated in recent years. A mad adventurer, apparently the lone survivor of a nine-man adventuring company, was captured on the outskirts of the forest. He babbled about a citadel of erect insects casting spells— and hurling weapons that killed a man from 500 paces. According to the man’’s crazed tales, the insects are able to camouflage themselves (probably magically) to the point where the only way to find the creatures is by scent and tracking. He’’s a known liar, yet he was found with nothing in his possession and strange burns along his arms and back that cannot be explained.

The truth is that the adventurers had stumbled upon an ancient spell weaver ruin, still guarded by a nest of thri-kreen as well as a pair of spell weavers.

Kryptgarden Forest

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