Leilon was a small mining town that serves as a convenient resting place for weary travelers on the High Road between Neverwinter and Waterdeep.

The mines east of Leilon are rich in copper, nickel and silver. The mountains are honeycombed with mine shafts and tunnels, including several that open up into the town itself, and some that go very, very deep. It is these tunnels that now provide the bulk of the adventure hooks for the ruins of Leilon. Some were constructed by the dwarves of the ancient shield dwarf realm of Haunghdannar.

Trade via sea was dangerous since the nearby shore is a shallow mudflat and the method used to transfer cargo from ships at sea to the land was very risky (consisting of a series of magically reinforced barges which are poled out to meet the boats whereupon cargo is transferred via rickety cranes that are impossible to use in high winds). Instead of relying on this form of trade, most of Leilon’s imports came via caravan out of Waterdeep. Despite the high quality of law and order in the town, there were rumours of both the Cult of the Dragon and the Zhents operating within its walls.

A secret Cult of the Dragon cell is based here in the catacombs beneath the former cemetery which include an ancient temple of Myrkul, the Adytum of the Skull. It is the lore from this temple that has revealed the existence of the legendary dracolich, Ebondeath, and its Mausoleum of Ebondeath beneath the Uthtower in the Mere of Dead Men.

Cultists patrol the ruins of Leilon but are careful not to reveal themselves. If they do reveal themselves they systematically slaughter any witnesses to their presence.

Zhents agents from [[Helm’s Hold]] sometimes explore the ruins due to rumours of ancient Zhent magic.

(A variation on HS1 The Slaying Stone could possibly be run here.)


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