Morgur's Mound

Atop this foothill of the Crags, Uthgar – deity and founder of the Uthgardt barbarians – died after saving the North from Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants. The mount is named for Uthgar’s brother Morgur (called Morgred by some), who is said to be buried there. Once, the bones of a great thunderbeast were spread atop the hill, marking it as the holy shrine of the Uthgardt. Now, the bones are gone and whatever treasures lay buried there have been stolen. Outsiders who are discovered by Uthgardt barbarians near the mound are typically slain on sight.

Like all of the Uthgardt ancestor mounds, Morgur’s Mound is a place of power. Together the ancestor mounds of the Uthgardt act as a colossal binding holding in place the fell primordial of cold known as Cryonax. Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants was attempting to free Cryonax when Uthgar defeated him.

The Uthgardt rituals performed each Runemeet renew the bindings holding Cryonax in place. However, they are weakening as the Uthgardt degenerate as a people. This has attracted the attention of a number of powers, most particularly, Lolth. The Queen of Spiders believes that unleashing Cryonax on the North will weaken Auril who is tasked with keeping Cryonax imprisoned together with Tempus and the now deified Uthgar. Auril also holds the title of Queen of Air & Darkness in the Feywild and it is that title – and the power it commands – that Lolth desires for herself.

Many of the House Xorlarrin and other Lolth-worshipping drow in Neverwinter and the surrounding region are searching for information about the Uthgardt, their ancestor mounds and, most of all, the rituals they perform at the ancestor mounds each Runemeet. It could be that the Queen of Spiders will ultimately be responsible for unleashing a Fimbulwinter upon northern Faerûn.

However, if House Xorlarrin or any group attempts to corrupt the bindings holding Cyronax imprisoned, Auril will retaliate.

Morgur's Mound

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