Common Knowledge

Neverwinter’s cemetery, Neverdeath, is made up of two main parts: the main graveyard and the pauper’s section.


Graverobbers working for necromancers are thought to haunt the cemetery at night but their mad search for bodies for animation is sometimes thwarted by the appearance of the undead.

While a doomguide of Kelemvor, Volakh, and his two acolytes, Mina and (placeholder), wage a nightly war against the graverobbers and the undead, there are simply not enough of them to effect any sort of lasting change and Lord Neverember does not consider Neverdeath a priority for his mercenaries at the moment.

Besides the rumours of graverobbers and restless dead, at least one red-robed necromancer is believed to dwell here but the most frightening rumour has to do with a vampire who hunts at the Docks but is believed to lair in the cemetery.

PC Knowledge

From using a speak with dead ritual to communicate with Rorn the Bear, the PCs have learnt that there is a lair of Red Wizards of Thay beneath Neverdeath.


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