Neverwinter Wood

Common Knowledge

The elves originally called Neverwinter Wood the Llewyrrwood and the forest came to be a colony for the city state of Illefarn. When Aryvandaar annexed both Illefarn and the Llewyrrwood in -9800 DR, most of the residents fled to Shantel Othreier. Some stayed on for a further thousand years, living under the yoke of the Vyshantaar until the queen of the Llewyrr, Synnoria, led a large force of her people out of their lands and across the Trackless Sea to the Moonshae Isles where they established the kingdom of Synnoria in her honour.

The Llewyrrwood was occupied once more when the realm of Illefarn was created but, when Illefarn’s last coronal decided to take his people to Evermeet, those of the Llewyrrwood who didn’t join him created their own realm named Iliyanbruen which lasted around 1,300 years until it exhausted itself fighting orc hordes in 180 DR.

Elves still live in the wood in small clans, though they now make up one of the largest cells of the Eldreth Veluuthra, with other smaller cells operating in the surrounding area. They are fearsome bandits that leave no evidence of – or witnesses to – their raids against caravans and travellers on the High Road.


Lady Moonsilver revealed to Baelval that there is something sinister about the disappearance of Sharandar. Her divinations about the city reveal only a mark of chaos, a sign associated with the Abyss or perhaps Lolth’s Demonweb Pits.

Of late an abyssal influence has begun to corrupt a small section of the Neverwinter Wood due east of the ruins of Port Llast. This is the adventure Elves of the Valley from Dungeon 178.

Neverwinter Wood

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