Port Llast

This town was a great city in ancient times – the most northerly safe harbour on the eastern coast of Lendaria whenever Luskan would fall to orcs or other evil forces.

However, the rise of a relatively stable Luskan and ports farther north began to diminish its prominence. Then came the Spellplague, and with it the return of Abeir. The melding of some areas of this world with its otherworldly counterpart caused many changes including affecting the tides around Port Llast, filling the harbour with silt and making Neverwinter an easier port to reach. With the docks of Port Llast failing and trade dying off, most of its citizens have long since abandoned their homes or died at the hands of marauders. Now a ghost town, Port Llast is known as the realm of the evil sea goddess Umberlee and as a home to sea monsters. However, some say that this reputation is simply rumor spread by those who want to keep the secrets of the town to themselves.

And the secrets of the town are many. The Tidescourge pirates, the most dangerous and commonly encountered pirates along this section of the Sword Coast, winter in the ruins. When they are here the town becomes even more dangerous but it is also more difficult to find because the Umberlant allies of the pirates summon great fog banks to surround the town.

The Grotto of the Sea Queen from Dungeon 64 can be converted and run here. The Sea Demon’s Shrine from Dungeon XXX is also here representing an evil far worse than pirates and followers of Umberlee.

Port Llast

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