Common Knowledge

Illefarn empire of the Fey was split to Rilitha, Ardeep and Iliyanbruen. Sharandar was the capital city of Iliyanbruen. Spellplague has caused weakening of barrier between mortal world and Feywild and Fey creatures, mainly Eladrin have reclaimed the Wild Fey ruins from Dark Fey. The portal from which Eladrin entered this world is in the trunk of the oak tree and is called ‘hole in the world’. The eladrin want to restore their ancient city and take revenge on defilers, but their anger is hard to contain. Merrisara Winterwhite, is the voice of reason which is all that stands between bloodshed and co-existance. However there are rumours of manipulation by devil-worshippers to create a situation of confrontation.

Sharandar structures are built high into trees and integrate with the forest seamlessly. Most of it lies in ruins but there are few structures which have survived ravages of time. It is said that treasures exist whih may enable restoration of either Xinlenal or Sharandar. This gives a potential reason and incentive for Netheril to intrude on these ruins and face the wrath of Eladrin towards intruders. The Fey are building new Sharandar with fort and walls with pointed wood but near this city, there are also enclaves of the Dark Fey creatures. These dark fey have been able to infiltrate the Fey as well as mortal realm.

What if?

What if Sharandar doesn’t exist in the Feywild?

In the Feywild, where the reflection of Sharandar should be there is simply a great pit – known as the Pit of Whispers – which connects to the Feydark and a fomorian realm as well as to portals to the Abyssal realm of Oublivae, the Lady of Ruin.

The evil that consumed Sharandar was actually Abyssal in nature: Sharandar is a captive of Oublivae (cf 4E’s Demonomicon).

(I also like how Oublivae is almost fey in her appearance.)

Long ago, the great fey empire of Illefarn covered much of northwestern Faerun, including Neverwinter Wood. This empire divided when the last Coronal of the elves led the retreat to Evermeet. Illefarn split into Ardeep, Iliyanbruen, and Rilitha. These kingdoms each fell in turn over the centuries, and Iliyanbruen, the nation that occupied the North around Neverwinter, was abandoned. Echoes of Iliyanbruen can be found scattered across the North, but deep in Neverwinter Wood linger the remains of that nation’s capital city, Sharandar.

Remnants of Iliyanbruen occasionally appear, reminding the world of what was. A farmer occasionally turns up an exquisite piece of pottery with his plough. The dig for a building’s foundations sometimes opens a lightless vault, filled with relics of the past. These bits of lore have inspired marauders to plunge deep into Neverwinter Wood in search of riches housed in Sharandar’s ruins. They have also roused some descendants of Iliyanbruen, who are trickling back from the Feywild, eager to reclaim their heritage and write a saga of vengeance in the blood of outsiders.

Sharandar’s structures were built high in trees, blending harmoniously with the forest’s natural growth and forming a crown upon the canopy’s brow. The thickest boles supported rounded platforms upon which peak-roofed homes and arching halls were erected. Skilled glassworkers crafted amber-tinted windows that sealed out the weather and gleaming lanterns from which mystical lights danced. Great bridges, both crafted and grown, linked one structure or tree with the next. Intricate knots, carved in wood and tied in branches, adorned ceilings, framed doors, and served as banisters to help keep occupants from toppling off platforms.

So it was. Since then, rot has been feasting, opening soft wounds in walls, ceilings, and floors for intruders to stumble through- likely to their deaths. Handrails sag dangerously, and entire sections of them are gone. Windows and lanterns are missing or shattered. Vines, lichens, mosses, and moulds snake along every surface. Small beasts, birds, and insects have reclaimed the trees, at times sharing the structures’ remains with the more dangerous creatures that claimed them as lairs or with skulking invaders intent upon looting.

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