Southkrypt is truly ancient. It is one of the oldest ruins still in existence in the North.

It is a remnant of the shield dwarf realm of Haunghdannar established in the Sword Mountains east of Leilon by refugees of Shanatar in the year -4974 DR, over six thousand years ago. The dwarves of Haunghdannar went mad and the realm, for all intents and purposes, “disappeared” about 1,600 years after its founding.

The main gates of Southkrypt still bear the symbol of this ancient dwarven realm: it is a seven-pointed star, over a fish facing to the left, floating above a mountain peak. This same mark somtimes appears on ancient stones in the ruins of Leilon which was built on the site of one of Haunghdannar’s outposts.

(This infamous dungeon does not appear on the regional map. It is located in the hills adjacent to the Sword Mountains north of the “bend” in the Kryptgarden Forest.)

This might make a good place to set a modified version of Orcs of Stonefang Pass. Rather than the hill giant vampires, I would prefer to go with the earth theme. Perhaps they were heretical dwarf followers of Ogremoch? The earth theme would explain the norkers and other earth-type monsters mentioned. (There are also some relevant comments under Nuur Throth below.)

Source 1

This abandoned dwarfhold is the lair of strange and dangerous creatures. Adventurers probing the upper levels have seen norkers and bands of ravening gibberlings. Deeper forays have uncovered xaren, vilstrak, vargouilles, and storopers. In addition to the creatures mentioned, the lower halls of Southkrypt are lair to a vampire hill giant shaman (6th level) and his three vampire hill giant servants.

Source 2

Tunneled into the southern flanks of the Sword Mountains, north of the Kryptgarden Forest in the Sword Coast North, is an abandoned dwarf hold and former silver mine. Sometimes called Southkrypt Garden because the dwarves started a farm around it of astonishing verdancy and yield (it has since grown wild and tangled), this hold is universally described as a maze of chambers and passages roamed by many, many monsters.


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