The Beached Leviathan

Common Knowledge

The great vessel’s domination of the sea ended when a great storm swept the Leviathan onto the shores of Neverwinter, permanently beaching it in the wreckage of the city’s docks. Harrag took this as an omen and ended his pirating days, releasing his crew from service and retiring to a more genteel lifestyle in his new home. For his first task, he chose to convert the wreck of his ship into a place of business. It is now a three-level inn located on the docks of Neverwinter.

Because of the nature of his establishment and his past career as a pirate, Harrag uses ship terms to differentiate various areas in his tavern. For example, Harrag calls the lowest level of the tavern the hold. It contains a kitchen and a bar area with many tables. Though the oak and cherry woodwork here is fancy, it has seen better days after having sustained damage from bar fights over the years. Nautical equipment and some of the spoils of Harrag’s travels adorn the walls.

Some examples of the latter include sahuagin skulls and weapons, preserved shark fins, and a giant crab’s carapace.

The second level, which Harrag calls the quarters, has nine small rooms, two larger suites, and a
mid-sized room. The last room contains a stove for tenants who wish to prepare their own meals. Several simple but beautiful tapestries of seascapes lend color to the walls of the larger rooms. On the starboard side of the ship, a platform called the stardeck juts out, providing an exterior seating area.

The third level, called the deck, has tables and chairs for overflow seating in its central area. For a hefty price, patrons can rent one of the pair of private parlours that Harrag set up at the fore. The aft has storage rooms, atop which sit Harrag’s personal quarters.

An open-sided spiral stair connects the three levels, winding around the central mast. In addition, a 5-foot-by-5-foot shaft connects all three levels, allowing a hoist platform to move supplies (and sometimes people) from one level to the next. Harrag or one of his staff members operate the platform from the deck by using a boom on the central mast that Harrag outfitted with a threefold purchase block and tackle. A series of bells affixed near each platform
allows for coded communication between the decks.

Over the years, the Beached Leviathan has become a hot spot of drinking, gambling, and business activity in Neverwinter, and Harrag welcomes all of it with a hearty grin. The tavern often hosts troupes of entertainers who perform in the hold and on the deck. When these entertainers perform on the deck, those within the tavern can hear the music from any spot.

Harrag thinks of the Beached Leviathan in much the same way he did when it was a sailing vessel. He loves it and will do everything in his power to protect it (and his regulars and staff ). He is proud of the prestige associated with his tavern but does not show it, instead holding to his taciturn exterior. This said, he enjoys the occasional bar fight and isn’t above jumping into the fray.


The Captain

It is clear from the time you have spent in the Beached Leviathan that Harrag is loyal to Lord Neverember – extraordinarily so as his loyalty to Neverember extends to having his bouncer forcibly remove paying customers who are critics of the Lord Protector from the premises with the admonition never to return.

The regulars and staff of the Beached Leviathan refer to Harrag as Captain Harrag (or the captain), and he takes no small amount of pleasure in this. He treats his regulars as loyal and trusted patrons, and his gruff exterior hides a sometimes surprising level of compassion for the plight of others. None of this prevents him from being as much a cutthroat in his shoreside business as he was when he captained the Leviathan.

Additionally, he prides himself on being an independent soul amid a sea of cronies, and he’s not afraid to state as much to anyone who implies or states outright that he might be someone’s lackey.

The Mate

On board a ship, the mate is the captain’s right hand, providing counsel and leading the crew in the captain’s absence. The Beached Leviathan’s mate is a middle-aged human female named Andrella.
Shortly after Harrag established the Beached Leviathan, he came upon Andrella, a destitute widow whose husband had been killed for owing substantial gambling debts.

Harrag felt for the lonely lady and took her in, providing her with a room, a standoffish sort of respect, and work. In the time since, Andrella has not only developed a fierce inner strength but also has come to care for Harrag deeply.

As the first barmaid Harrag hired, Andrella manages the other barmaids and also works closely with the rest of the crew, who respect her for her ability to handle tense situations with a level head.

The Helmswoman

Much as the helmsman of a ship steers the vessel away from danger, the helmswoman of the Beached
Leviathan steers the tavern away from violence. Umi, a female watersoul genasi (and cousin to Len-jes, Neverember’s harbourmaster), is the de-facto unpaid enforcer in the tavern. Her considerable bravado is matched only by her skill with a sword.

If the chaos in the tavern becomes more than Feng can handle, either he or Andrella calls upon Umi. When she steps in, her reward is free drinks for the rest of the evening.

The Bosun

On board a ship, the bosun is in charge of the daily running of the ship. In much the same way, Bobrik Highmantle, a burly dwarf male, is a well-known fixture in the tavern and has gained the appellation from Harrag for that very reason, though in this case it’s Harrag’s way of teasing the dwarf. (Harrag is the only person who dares to joke around with Bobrik.)

Bobrik occupies a seat at the bar, where he drains mug after mug of dwarven root wine. Though he
might snarl at those around him, he has nothing but love for his pet monkey, which he has named Monkey. All the regulars treat him with wary respect right up until the moment when he explodes into a drunken rage, which he does upon occasion. At that point, Feng, Umi, and Harrag drag him from the place and keep him out for a few days until he loses the resentful fire in his eyes. As yet, nobody knows what causes these rages to erupt, and nobody is willing to ask.

The Lookout

The Beached Leviathan’s lookout is a young human male named Markul, though nobody calls him the
lookout to his face. In fact, only staff members refer to him by this name, and they do so in low tones.

Markul spends his time strolling the tavern, observing the goings-on. He learns of iniquitous
doings within the tavern’s walls and isn’t above taking bribes from a patron to keep his mouth shut regarding any activities Harrag or his staff would not stomach. The other members of the crew and staff don’t realize he is the richest among them, having put the tavern’s seedier individuals under his thumb.

The Caulker

On board a ship, the caulker keeps the ship in good repair. In the Beached Leviathan, the caulker, so named by Harrag, is the half-elf male Ettain. Ettain is a skilled carpenter whom Harrag employs to repair damage and craft new furnishings for the tavern. The half-elf knows every inch of the tavern (including Harrag’s chambers and the bilge storage area) and is an excellent source of information regarding the specifics of the tavern’s layout. Because
he prefers to stay employed by Harrag, he doesn’t talk about any of this or he’d lose more than the paying work he receives from Harrag. If Harrag ever needs help, though, he’d be willing to share his secrets if he thinks it will aid Harrag in some way.

The Chanteyman

A middle-aged dragonborn male named Korin is sometimes called the chanteyman of the Beached
Leviathan. This friendly bard often leads the patrons of the tavern in sea chanties, folk songs, and dances. He wanders throughout the tavern while playing a large flute, taking breaks to accept tips and drinks. Every so often, Korin sings a soulful dirge about a man who lost his family to cultists. Some believe that this is Korin’s own tale.

The Hands

Various other patrons of the Beached Leviathan have earned the title of hand, though the term is bandied about informally. Feel free to develop such characters as you see fit. If the adventurers patronise the Beached Leviathan enough, the other crew members might invite them to become hands after they prove themselves in a way that either amuses the patrons or assists Harrag.


- Blacklake District is the centre of a rebellion against the Lord Protector’s rule.
- The Lord Protector has spies in the Beached Leviathan.
- There is an increase in press-gang activities around the Docks. Is this a new slaving ring or are the Tidescourge Pirates “recruiting”?


- Nothing yet.

The Beached Leviathan

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