The Chasm

Now an inconic location within Neverwinter, the Chasm is exactly what its name suggests: a great gaping rent opening on mysterious depths and from those depths arise aberrations that offend nature iself.

The Wall was built to act as a barrier between the Chasm and the rest of Neverwinter. Neverember’s mercenaries mount a 24-hour vigil on The Wall watching for the next group of monstrosities to be released.

The latest threat to the mercenaries is a group of plaguechanged harpies that lair somewhere within the Chasm. They flu forth singing their unnatural songs and many of the weak-willed and lured to the Chasm where they plunge to their deaths while the harpies sound their evil cackles before returning to their siren sounds.

The leader of the mercenaries, Captain-General Sabine, has placed a large bounty on the harpies’ heads but entering the Chasm is considered to be certain death.

Many in Neverwinter suffer horrible nightmares of eyes, tentacles and flames – both blue and more normal colours – most nights and this is thought to be due to the influence of whatever it is that is within the Chasm.

Ending this threat would be a major achievement and Lord Neverember is clearly looking for agents who can do this on his behalf.

The southeastern quarter of Neverwinter lies in
almost complete ruin, virtually flattened by the
earthquake during the cataclysm and since then
under continual assault by all manner of twisted
and deadly beasts boiling forth from the
canyonlike crack in the earth known as The Chasm.

The surrounding land in the district that takes its
name from the Chasm is a tangled maze of broken
buildings and clotted streets, all of it battered by the
elements and crushed under the paws of the Chasm’s
monsters. Wall patrols venture into this wasteland
only occasionally, since few who leave the barricade’s
safety return. Those who do sometimes carry marks
from the experience, such as azure burns, twisted
limbs, or some other physical manifestation of a
spellscar. Lord Neverember has ordered that anyone
showing symptoms of infection should be sent to
Helm’s Hold for treatment.

Proximity to the Chasm causes mild anxiety,
moodiness, and paranoia. The effects are obvious
on people at the Wall, and they increase in intensity
as one moves closer to- or deeper into- the Chasm.
It becomes difficult to think clearly, and even allies
seem to hold treachery in their hearts. Recently, this
pervasive ill will has begun to radiate beyond the
confines of the Wall, plaguing the dreams of Neverwinter’s
residents with terrible nightmares.

The Chasm

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