Tower of Twilight

See also the Shard of Night.

The Twilight Tower flickers between Faerun and the Shadowfell, a side effect of a battle between the forces of Selune and Shar during the events of the Spellplague. The top was blasted off and is now the Shard of Night in Neverwinter.

In the Shadowfell, the tower appears in a horrible marsh filled with umbral banyans and catoblepases. Worst of all, it is now the lair of a rune-marked black dragon, Despayr, that is a devout follower of Shar.


The Tower of Twilight was home to Malchor Harpell and was located on the eastern edge of the Neverwinter Wood.

The enchanted tower rested on an island within a small lake which drained into the woods to the west. It was invisible in the sunlight, but in starlight, the twisting spires twinkled and an emerald-green bridge appeared spanning the water to the island.

Upon entering, visitors discovered a wide, round chamber lined with stalls for steeds along one wall. A corridor from the chamber gradually turned upward along the tower’s inner circumference, growing steeper, and tightening as it wound to the top. The second level housed the dining room and above that was Malchor’s study, which occupied the whole upper level, its door opened directly from the spiraling corridor. The passageway continued past the study to serve the turret chambers.

The Spellplague affected the magics of the place and the Tower of Twilight now shifts randomly between worlds, spending most of its time in a demiplane of Malchor’s own construction.

Tower of Twilight

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