Upland Rise

Common Knowledge

The Upland Rise was formerly part of the ancient Neverwinter Wood, a small section preserved near Neverwinter as a park and also because it seemed to repel orc hordes. While the hordes would still strike at the city itself, it seems that their general fear of Neverwinter Wood extended to this small section that the folk of Neverwinter preserved.

There are rumours that ancient fey magic was at work – or perhaps a powerful druid – but these rumours did not deter Lord Neverember from clear-felling the upland rise and using the lumber to construct the new docks as well as various other buildings in the city.

Several families of farmers have now settled in the Upland Rise and provide the city with much-needed fresh produce. However, they have to deal with ankhegs which – while benefitting the soil – pose a real threat to life and limb.

Upland Rise

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